29. - 31. Mar 2023

Amandus and NUFF in collaboration

This article is written for an older edition of the festival, and may contain content that is no longer valid.

We are pleased to announce our collaboration with The Nordic Youth Film Festival (NUFF).

NUFF is an annual short film festival for young film makers up to 26 years old, from the Nordic countries and the world. For the first time our two festivals will cooperate, and the ribbon for our continued work was cut at Tromsø International Film Festival last week. The festivals came together for a joint reception at Tvibit cultural center on Friday the 20th of January where local youth and curious festival participants came by to hear more about the two festivals.

We are in a good dialogue regarding a selection of projects, but firstly we will present a new prize called the NUFF-Prize at this years edition of Amandus festival. More details about the prize will arrive at a later date.

NUFF and Amandus in collaboration

There was a solid outcome under the joint reception at Tvibit January 20th. Local youth and TIFF-participants got to hear about NUFF and Amandus. Photo: Stian Andreassen/Tvibit

We’re looking forward to a fruitful dialogue with NUFF, and hope this will be the start of an long-term collaboration.

– This is really exciting! says Amandus’ festival director Stine Marie Solem enthusiasticly. – The two most important film festivals for young film makers in Norway is entering an appropriate collaboration.

Festival director of NUFF, Hermann Greuel informs iTromsø monday that he’s also looking forward to the upcoming collaboration.

Festival director at NUFF Hermann Greuel.

Festival Director at NUFF, Hermann Greuel. Photo: Stian Andreassen/Tvibit.