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Pressrelease  Date 20.03.2018



We are delighted to announce that Bina Qeredaxi and Shamal Sabri are attending the 31Amandus international student filmfestival in Norway from 21-24th March 2018.

They have both accepted to sit in the Jury for the new international competition cathegory OPEN ( films submitted from filmmakers under 26 from 14 different countries) which will be awarded at a price ceremony in Norway on friday the 23rd of March.

Amandus Lillehammer International Student Film Festival is the meetingplace for the next generation of filmmakers, and the festival has a unique opportunity to discuss important topics, create good attitudes and find lasting solutions to make the industry a better place to be. Therefor the festival has a new program profile called Amandus UTTERANCE, which aims to make film production more equal and including for everyone where the festival takes action for better equality in the film industry

During The 31 festival, Amandus International Student Film Festival our guests from Kurdistan will give the programme planned a global perspective

The filmfestival operates with three main nomination groups; junior, young, student and open. We are delighted that Bina Qeredaxi and Shamal Sabri are joining as members of the jury to this program section which also is new this year. The competition Amandus Open contains amateur films from all over the world and has no limits for what origin in the world the films comes from. Therefore having our Kurdish friends as members confirms the openness the festival wish to have to make sure a global perspective is presented at this years festival and also in the future

About the festival

Amandus – Lillehammer International Student Film Festival is the biggest, most important film festival and competition for young film makers and film students in the Nordic region. The festival is held annually in Lillehammer, Norway, and hosts film makers and cinephiles from all over the region for screenings, seminars, workshops and inspiring meetings between the industry, the students and film loving youth.

Amandus Lillehammer International Student Film Festival is a place where film enthusiasm is grown. We appreciate the artistic visions of our future film makers, as art, expressions and entertainment.

The festival is the result of the merging between the Amandus Festival, an established festival for young film makers under the age of 20 in Norway, and The Norwegian Student Film Festival, the only festival solely dedicated to student film productions in Norway. The new festival is now bigger than ever and aims to be an important voice in the Nordic film festival community. The Festival is protected by the norwegian royal princess HKH Mette Marit.

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Having Duhok International Film Festival (Duhok IFF) as our guest is a start on a long and good relationship. Amandus and Duhok IFF wishes to create an atmosphere of exchange between different cultures and human values. Unique film experiences can be made and people can share their thirst for new discoveries and a passion for cinema in all its diversity. A major task for this years festival is to build a bridge between Kurdish film production and Norwegian filmmaking. We together wishes to create a launch platform for films, taking the pulse of new tendencies and offering the opportunity to explore a terrain opening up in contemporary filmmaking. Duhok IFF And Amandus understands themself as a forge for new talents and meeting place for up and coming filmmakers, therefor a collaboration between us is exiting and natural.

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