The films in Runner-ups and A Certain Look

See what films will be screened at the Runner-ups and A Certain Look programs.

This article is written for an older edition of the festival, and may contain content that is no longer valid.

As per usual, we also have the side program Runner-ups, with a lot of great films that deserves to be seen at the big screen, but didn’t quite reach the top list.

We are also pleased to re-launch the side section A Certain Look, with films that have a very special voice that we feel need some extra attention.

The Runner-ups and A Certain Look consists of films from all of the other competition programs. They do not compete in any competition, but will have screenings during the festival.


  • 04:00 by Herman Dahl og Magnus Walther-Numme (Elvebakken videregående skole, Oslo)
  • Andreyun – Wait by Myke Gutter (Akershus)
  • Angst by Thea Bamrud, Chandra Michelle holden og Cecilie Adolfsen Lie (Elvebakken videregående skole, Oslo)
  • Dandelion Mum by Barbora Hollan (Den norske filmskolen, )
  • Drunk Driver by Felix Andersen (Akershus)
  • En, to, tre by Thale Espedal Bjørkedal (Skiringssal folkehøyskole, Vestfold)
  • Gang Wars: Ghettoen by Andreas Hovde og Glenn C. Fallang (Buskerud)
  • Havaristen by Erik Wensaas (Danvik folkehøgskole, Buskerud)
  • Holly på sommerøen (Den Danske Filmskole, )
  • Lille Oslo by Tobias Frank (Nannestad videregående skole, Akershus)
  • Paralyzed by Talon Darren Winsnes (Westerdals Oslo ACT, )
  • RITUALET by Sondre Masvie (Oslo)
  • Reverie by Philip Louis Piaget Rodriguez (The Animation Workshop, )
  • Rising sun by Sameli Muurimäki (Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School, in co-production with Aalto university department of Film and Television, )
  • Sara’s Intimate Confessions by Emilie Blichfeldt (Den norske filmskolen, )
  • Say Yes by Johan Stavsjö (Stockholm Film School, )
  • Tentamen by Glenn Christofer Fallang (Danvik folkehøgskole, Buskerud)
  • Viva Løten! by Teresia Fant (Den norske filmskolen, )

A Certain Look

All filmmakers will be contacted shortly. Please note that the deadline for sending inn the screening copy is March 17.