New expansion of the Amandus Festival will be held September 24-27

We are pleased to announce that the new festival for festival for film students and young adults (20-26), will be organized from September 17-19.

As previously announced, the festival is split into two main parts this year, where the national festival for youth filmmakers under the age of 20, was kept in Lillehammer the week before Easter, and the part directed towards film students and young filmmakers from 20-26 (previously known as Amandus STUDENT and Amandus OPEN), will be held in late September.

Now we can finally announce the dates: September 24-27.

What will the festival be called?

To be honest, we don’t know. We’ve been struggeling trying to figure it out, and therefor we are now inviting you to come up with suggestions through a naming competition. As this is a festival placed in Norway, we want names that firstly work in Norwegian, and also can be used in English, or are easily translatable. Thus the competition is over at our Norwegian part of the site. But Swedes and Danes and everyone else who can understand and follow the competition rules (Google Translate, anyone?), are of course welcome to give their suggestions.

You can enter films to the film competition until June 15.