29. - 31. Mar 2023

Nominated films for Amandus BLIKKFANG

Endelig kan vi presentere de nominerte filmene til den første utgaven av Amandus BLIKKFANG.

This article is written for an older edition of the festival, and may contain content that is no longer valid.

As previously announced, Amandus BLIKKFANG is the new festival for film students and young filmmakers between 20-26 years in the Nordic countries, and the first edition will be held in Lillehammer from September 24-26.

With over 200 submitted films, it’s been quite a job to watch all the films and select the final list of nominated films. There has been a lot of hard choices, and many great films that unfortunately didn’t make the cut.

The selection committee has been led by program director in the festival Eivind Nordengen, filmmaker Frøydis Fossli Moe, festival director at Movies on War Øystein Egge, journalist and editor Ida Madsen Hestman, and representatives from Lillehammer Film Society Even SteineMaren MandtMorten Berg LarsenPeder Erdal and Peter Djordjevic.

There are films represented from all over the Nordic countries, in different genres and from many different film schools, as well as independent productions.

And here are the selected films:

All filmmakers will be contacted with more information shortly.