Eskil Vogt to head jury at Amandus 2017

This article is written for an older edition of the festival, and may contain content that is no longer valid.

We are proud to announce Eskil Vogt as head of jury at the first ever Amandus STUDENT competition.

When the two heroes of Norwegian youth film festivals: soon to turn thirty years old Amandus Festival and The Norwegian Student Film Festival got in the ring together, they decided to merge into one huge Nordic behemoth.

The name of this new gargantuan is, and shall forever be known as, Amandus – Lillehammer International Student Film Festival. The festival is dedicated to be the main meeting-grounds for up-and-coming talent from Iceland, Finland, Denmark, Sweden and of course Norway.  The festival will have a lot in store for a generation of new film lovers and makers, and the countries will duke it out in our prestigious competition: Amandus STUDENT.

Go hard or go home:

As the first head of jury of this competition we are proud to announce Eskil Vogt. Vogt is easily one of the most renowned Norwegian directors and screenwriters of today. He has graduated from the prestigious La Femis, and directed the internationally acclaimed Blind in 2014 (which won awards at Sundance and Berlin among others), and is commonly known for his complex script writing together with his working partner Joachim Trier on films like Reprise (2006), Oslo August 31th (2011), Louder than Bombs (2015) (premiered in Cannes Main Competition and recently won the Nordic Counsil Prize) and Thelma (2017) which is in production.

The jury for the competition below 20 years will be led by actress, comedian and script writer Siri Seljeseth, known for her popular TV-series Unge lovende.

Submission deadline for Student films: February 1. You can find the submission form here.