33rd festival
01–04 April 2020
  • Norsk
  • And the winners are …

    This article is written for an older edition of the festival, and may contain content that is no longer valid.

    Here is the complete list of this year’s winners:

    • Best screenplay, script competition: Antonym, av Johannes Toft
    • Amandus STUDENT, best screenplay: I’ll try againJo Widerberg
    • Amandus YOUTH, best screenplay: Dette er året, Sunniva Bjørkeslett
    • Amandus STUDENT, best sound: Finite, Marius Rolfsvåg (honorable mention to Mausoleum)
    • Amandus STUDENT, best editing: To Meet in a Car, Mali Galaaen Røsseth.
    • Amandus STUDENT, best cinematography: I’m Free, Edvard Karijord and Bendik Mondal.
    • Amandus STUDENT, best director: Neverland, Håvard Fandrem.
    • Amandus STUDENT, animation: My Plastic Menagerie, Touraj Khosravi.
    • Amandus STUDENT, documentary: Remember me?, Ragnhild Nøst Bergem (honorable mention to The meaning of life)
    • Amandus STUDENT, fiction: Dilipidated, Ole Sebastian Kass.
    • Amandus YOUTH, best editing: Dette Er Året, Sunniva Bjørkeslett.
    • Amandus YOUTH, best cinematography: Ask no questions, Hanna Suni and Iver Jensen.
    • Amandus YOUTH, music video: The Analog Affair – Feel Your Fire, Hanna Suni and Iver Jensen.
    • Amandus YOUTH, animation: Dette er ein Blobb, Matias Seip and Rasmus Aarskand Sætersdal.
    • Amandus YOUTH, documentary: Wenches Tacobaguette, Ulfur Eyjolfsson and Sunny Sharma.
    • Amandus YOUTH, fiction: Ask no questions, Hanna Suni and Iver Jensen.
    • Youth Choice Award: Nebula Blues, Mone Frogg Christiansen.
    • Amandus JUNIOR, best film: D.A.S.S., Åsne Sturlasdatter Eckhoff, Inger Emilie Johnsen, Jone Ulfsnes Risan, Jonathan Antonio.
    • Amandus YOUTH, audience award: The Letter, Simon Gjerde Tonev
    • Amandus STUDENT, audience award: The meaning of life, Truls Aagedal
    • NUFF award YOUTH: Mammas hår, Maja Arnekleiv
    • NUFF award STUDENT: Neverland, Håvard Fandrem
    • Best film A Special Look: Knaster, Neil Wigardt (honorable mention to Related and Nerves of Times)