33rd festival
01–04 April 2020
  • Norsk
  • The films in Runner-ups and A Certain Look

    See what films will be screened at the Runner-ups and A Certain Look programs.

    As per usual, we also have the side program Runner-ups, with a lot of great films that deserves to be seen at the big screen, but didn’t quite reach the top list.

    We are also pleased to re-launch the side section A Certain Look, with films that have a very special voice that we feel need some extra attention.

    The Runner-ups and A Certain Look consists of films from all of the other competition programs. They do not compete in any competition, but will have screenings during the festival.


    • 04:00 by Herman Dahl og Magnus Walther-Numme (Elvebakken videregående skole)
    • Andreyun – Wait by Myke Gutter
    • Angst by Thea Bamrud, Chandra Michelle holden og Cecilie Adolfsen Lie (Elvebakken videregående skole)
    • Dandelion Mum by Barbora Hollan (Den norske filmskolen, Norway)
    • Drunk Driver by Felix Andersen
    • En, to, tre by Thale Espedal Bjørkedal (Skiringssal folkehøyskole)
    • Gang Wars: Ghettoen by Andreas Hovde og Glenn C. Fallang
    • Havaristen by Erik Wensaas (Danvik folkehøgskole)
    • Holly på sommerøen (Den Danske Filmskole, Denmark)
    • Lille Oslo by Tobias Frank (Nannestad videregående skole)
    • Paralyzed by Talon Darren Winsnes (Westerdals Oslo ACT, Norway)
    • RITUALET by Sondre Masvie
    • Reverie by Philip Louis Piaget Rodriguez (The Animation Workshop, Denmark)
    • Rising sun by Sameli Muurimäki (Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School, in co-production with Aalto university department of Film and Television, Finland)
    • Sara’s Intimate Confessions by Emilie Blichfeldt (Den norske filmskolen, Norway)
    • Say Yes by Johan Stavsjö (Stockholm Film School, Sweden)
    • Tentamen by Glenn Christofer Fallang (Danvik folkehøgskole)
    • Viva Løten! by Teresia Fant (Den norske filmskolen, Norway)

    A Certain Look

    All filmmakers will be contacted shortly. Please note that the deadline for sending inn the screening copy is March 17.