33rd festival
01–04 April 2020
  • Norsk
  • Refunding

    Find all the necessary information about refunds of personal expenses in relation to the Amandus Festival here.

    To get a refund, you need to fill in the disbursements form and attach all receipts.

    You can find the form here.

    If payed in a different currency than NOK, please specify which in the form. If you know the exchange rate you can add that as well, though this will also be checked by the festival.

    A valid receipt has to include information about what have been bought, the value of each product, the date of the purchase and where it was made

    Physical receipts are taped to a blank sheet of paper. The attachement number (corresponding with the number in the form) is marked next to the receipt.

    You can scan or take a picture of the paper with the receipts. For the latter, make sure to take the picture directly above and have good lighting so everything is as clear as possible. You can use an app, like CamScanner, to get the image adjusted and as clear as possible.

    Receipts received by mail can be downloaded as a PDF and added as a separate document. Still, we will be very happy if you are able to combine any separate documents, and add the receipt number next to each receipt.

    You can send the form and attachements to your contact person or post@amandusfestivalen.no.