32nd festival
10–13 April 2019
  • Technical specifications for films

    Important information about the screening copy for the festival.

    We want your film to shine on the big canvas at our festival. Therefore it is important to have the screening copy in the best quality possible.

    Please send us the screening copy by February 28th. (March 7 for Amandus OPEN and Runner-ups)


    We know many would like to send the film as a DCP, though we would prefer to have the film as an mp4-file in h264 or ProRes codex. This is because we need the flexibility to show the film, or parts of the film, outside the cinema, (for instance during the prize ceremony).

    • Quality: 1080p, 2K or 4K
    • Frames per second: 25 (other frame rates will be converted to 25fps)
    • Format: mp4
    • Codeks: h264 or ProRes


    All films without English dialogue need English subtitles. We have an international audience, so it’s important that everyone can enjoy the films.

    We prefer the subtitles to be “burned” in the video file.

    If the film is to be screened in the 2,35:1 Cinema Scope format, make sure the subtitle is not put over the letterboxes:

    Please send the screening copy by February 28th (March 7 for Amandus OPEN and Runner-ups)

    The screener can be sent to film@amandusfestivalen.no

    For questions regarding the screening copy or technical specifications, please contact your contact person, or send your inquieries to film@amandusfestivalen.no.

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