How to make a planet on film? (1)

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  • Thursday 11. April
  • 10:00 - 12:30
  • Plan B

Kristian Pedersen

Prisvinnende animasjonsfilmskaper. Har tidligere laget kortfilmen BØYGEN (2016), og er for tiden aktuell med den visuelt slående skildringen av en atombombe med LITTLE BOY (2018).

What is the link between milk, oil and food coloring and science fiction films?

Did you know that many spectacular scenes of galaxies, nebulas and planets were made from practical things you can find at home?

Join this exciting workshop where you can try to make planets and galaxies with very simple tricks.

Animation filmmaker Kristian Pedersen used this technique for his newest film, Little Boy. He was, among others, inspired by the famous creation scene in The Tree of Life.

You can get a closer look into the technique here:

The workshop has limited capacity, but is held twice.