Festival for film students and young adults

The new film festival for film students and young filmmakers

In 2021 the Amandus Festival is split into two different main events. The participants under 20 years will still have their traditional festival the week before Easter (this festival is also split into a physical and an online festival the coming year), while the film students and young filmmakers (20-26) will have their own festival in the autumn, probably late September.

This means that the film competitions for Amandus STUDENT and Amandus OPEN will have a later submission deadline than usual. The deadline is June 15.

The fall festival will be a celebration of film by film students, young indie filmmakers and other cinephiles. Here you will be able to meet relevant industry, see the best of young film production in the Nordic countries (and beyond?) and make new connections. And of course there will also be prices given to the best films.

This festival is still early in it’s development state, and more information about time, place and content will be announced at a later date.

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