A Mother Tongue Lesson

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Augaa living in Inner Mongolia Ordos grassland. One day, he was riding his horse on his way to school as usual. Every day he goes to Khandiv`s home and goes to school with him together. But this day, Khandiv would go to the city to go to school. Augaa very sad to say goodbye to him, go on the way to school. Walk through the grassland, highway, Oboo and factory. Finally he came to his school, but the old school only Augaa and his teacher. His best friends all left, his hometown will become a Grassland Chemical Industry City.

    Sjanger: FiksjonAldersgrense: Tillatt for alleProduksjon: Beijing Film AcademyProduksjonsår: 2016Språk: Mongolian
    Regissør: Melmii