Amandusfestivalen #36
29. - 1. Apr 2023


Et Særskilt Blikk (2019) Amandus OPEN
A girl lives a solitary life in her own magnificent underwater world inside her apartment. But when one morning she wakes up to find that her beloved goldfish is dead, she is forced out of her own safe reality and into an amazing fishmonger’s shop, where she meets a boy who helps her pick a new goldfish. The girl soon finds herself unable to stay away from the wonderful fishmonger’s shop and the fascinating boy, and she discovers that the world outside her apartment is not as cruel as she thought.
    Sjanger: FiksjonLengde: 14.5 min.Produksjon: Station NextProduksjonsår: 2018Land: DenmarkSpråk: Danish
    Director: Vigga WagnerManusforfatter: Vigga WagnerKlipper: Mikkel Hedegaard, Caleb KühnFotograf: Mikkel Warrer