Amandusfestivalen #36
29. - 1. Apr 2023

Dog eat dog

Nominert film (2019) Amandus STUDENT
Silje leaves her boyfriend, Thomas, but returns to the apartment when she realizes that she forgot her phone. As she gets back, she finds him hanging from the chandelier with a rope around his neck. At the hospital it becomes clear that he misunderstood, and thought that Silje got back of remorse, not because of her phone. Out of consideration, she accepts his version of what happened. Together, they had planned a trip to the family cabin the following day with Thomas' brother and his girlfriend. As Thomas' lies to them about how he hurt himself, they can't find a reason to cancel the trip. Stuck on an island, away from civilization, uncomfortable situations develops between these four characters.
    Sjanger: FiksjonLengde: 25 min.Produksjonsår: 2018Land: NorwaySpråk: Norwegian
    Director: Rikke GregersenProdusent: Rebekka RognøyManusforfatter: Rikke GregersenKlipper: Espen Skjong KnutsenFotograf: Torjus ThesenLyd: Hans Ekevi og Lars Andreas NilssenProduksjonsdesign: Marlene Lyngstad, Ina Finnekås og Mone FroggSkuespillere: Renate Reinsve as "Silje",
    André Sørum as "Thomas",
    Eili Harboe as "Kathrine",
    Vebjørn Enger as "Erik".