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Nominert film (2020) Amandus OPEN
  • The year is 1718 and Sweden has besieged Fredriksten in Norway. We get to follow the caroline Kasper who, together with his friend Baltsar, flees from the basecamp. Without a proper plan, they try to get home to Sweden again. Along the way they meet Melker, a simple kitchen boy who has been in the eye of battle and wants to go home. Thanks to his cooking, he becomes friends with Kasper and Baltsar and together they continue the long hike. What the three caroleans are not aware of is that it´s a risky adventure they embarked on as the merciless Colonel is always the deserters right behind.
      Sjanger: FiksjonLengde: 20 min.Aldersgrense: 9 årProduksjon: BAFTER FILMProduksjonsår: 2020Land: SverigeSpråk: Swedish
      Regissør: Adam OnishiManusforfatter: Adam Onishi,
      Elsa Lundin
      Fotograf: Elsa LundinLyd: Noel OlsénMusikk: Sean SigfriedSkuespillere: Ola Gulde Poyntz (Kasper),
      Elias Erixon Schärström (Baltsar),
      Nicolai Wärnelius Liwing (Melker),
      Göran Engman (Översten (Colonel))