A boy suffers from a condition where he can’t distinguish between what happens in reality and what’s in his head, this sorry condition is further exacerbated by a bully with a particularly embarrassing video of him.
    Genre: FictionDuration: 8.5 min.Production year: 2021Production: På fritidenCounty: VikenLanguage: Norsk
    Director: Kristian Østby BrandserWriter: Kristian Østby BrandserEditor: Kristian Østby Brandser,
    Marcus Thøger Andresen
    Cinematographer: Nataniel Skjefstad,
    Kristian Østby Brandser
    Sound: Cecilie Havaas VylovCast: Jonatan Grankvist Hertzenberg (Hovedpersonen),
    Kristian Østby Brandser (Mobberen),
    Rune Valle (Horribel Psykolog)