Amandusfestivalen #36
29. - 1. Apr 2023


Nominert film (2021) Amandus STUDENT
  • Kristoffer was born with cerebral palsy and has all his life fought a battle against the physical pain that has accompanied. He has long felt like an outsider and felt left behind by former classmates because of his situation and the struggle to keep up with them. He now wants to work his way up and forward to feel part of society, despite prejudices.
      Sjanger: DokumentarfilmLengde: 11 min.Produksjonsår: 2020Land: Norway
      Director: Anoar HolmestrandProdusent: Thea Stormo SolbergManusforfatter: Anoar HolmestrandKlipper: Linda SkilbreiFotograf: Aaron Sebastian Blaasmo FrantzenLyd: Thomas Holen,
      Hans Tore Malum
      Musikk: Anoar HolmestrandSkuespillere: Kristoffer Nordhagen (Lead Role (Kristoffer))