Amandusfestivalen #36
29. - 1. Apr 2023

Dandelion Mum

Runner-up (2019) Amandus STUDENT
  • When Ivana got bone marrow cancer, she was told she only has 2-3 years to live. But instead of listening to the doctors, she got resilient. 11 years later, she’s working as a visiting scientist at Harvard. But despite surviving against all odds, she is now caught in a bureaucratic system, and torn between staying in the US to get her treatment or returning back home to be with her family.
      Sjanger: DokumentarfilmLengde: 30 min.Produksjonsår: 2018Land: NorwaySpråk: Norsk, Engelsk, Tsjekkisk
      Director: Barbora HollanKlipper: Anni TiannenFotograf: Barbora Hollan, Annicken AasheimLyd: Thomas Pape, Valeria MunozSkuespillere: Ivana Hollan,
      Barbora Hollan,
      Svein Tvedten,
      Tomas Hollan,
      Hester Clapp,
      Jiri Kolovratnik