Nouseva aurinko

Runner-up: Amandus STUDENT 2019

Laura, 19 years old, is a socially restricted person who has been bullied for her whole life. She lives with her distant mother, in isolation in her own fantasy world, full of admiration for the values of Japanese kamikaze pilots in the Second World War and an interest in acts of extreme violence. Based on her fantasy, she unconsciously tries to fill the empty void in her life.
Laura meets a man on the internet and dives into a world of hatred, leading to the planning of a bomb attack. Fantasy and reality are about to meet.

    Sjanger: FiksjonLengde: 11 min.Produksjonsår: 2018Land: FinlandSpråk: Finnish
    Regissør: Sameli MuurimäkiProdusent: Sameli Muurimäki, Ilona HiltunenManusforfatter: Sameli MuurimäkiKlipper: Heli KotaFotograf: Iris KärkkäinenLyd: Henry KeinäläMusikk: Henry KeinäläSkuespillere: Laura - Heli Hyttinen,
    Marko - Eero Leichner,
    Laura’s mother (voice) - Anne Polvi,
    Laura as young - Tanja Hiisvirta,
    Bullies - Peppi Paulin,
    Oona Salminen,
    Cashier - Vanessa Yilmaz,
    Nagging woman at que - Jenni Nykänen,
    Shouting man at que - Aaro Huhtala