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Høst 2022
Amandusfestivalen 2023
29. - 1. Apr 2023


Visning (2021)
The director observes Stanisław Radwan, one of the most ingenious Polish composers of film scores and theatre music, at work. The camera reveals the way of work of the man who wrote music for „Hospital of Transfiguration”. On this occasion, the viewers will find out how Radwan works with the creators of Kordian directed by Jan Englert. He can employ his experience gained in the collaboration with Pierre Schaeffer and his affinity for musique concrete. Music is born out of the combination of instruments with non-musical sounds, such as noise, whispering and shouting.
    Sjanger: DokumentarfilmLengde: 15 min.Aldersgrense: Tillatt for alleProduksjon: Studio Munka, Aura Films sp. z o.o.Produksjonsår: 2018
    Director: Teresa CzepiecManusforfatter: Teresa CzepiecKlipper: Jerzy ZawadzkiFotograf: Ernest WilczyńskiLyd: Katarzyna SzczerbaMusikk: Stanisław Radwan