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Høst 2022
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29. - 1. Apr 2023


Visning (2021)
Living a solitary life in a world without light or hope, the central character is engrossed in the pursuit of his lost past. A daily pattern repeats itself. Many hours of effort on a home-made exercise bike enable him to create a momentary illusion of his former life, filled with happiness. The cycle he fell into after losing everything he loved is the only one he knows. It is also a personal prison he cannot free himself from and, indeed, he has no wish to do so. Does moving on mean forgetting?
    Sjanger: AnimasjonLengde: 6 min.Aldersgrense: Tillatt for alleProduksjon: Studio MunkaProduksjonsår: 2019Land: Poland
    Director: Mateusz LenartManusforfatter: Mateusz LenartKlipper: Mateusz LenartFotograf: Mateusz LenartMusikk: Arkadiusz Reikowski