Amandusfestivalen #36
29. - 1. Apr 2023


Nominert film (2019) Amandus OPEN
In the absence of his parents Dennis has a hard time taking care of his beloved little sister, Ida. Therefore he has joined a gang, whose leader lure him into committing crimes. Dennis only goes through this for Ida’s sake, but when the gang leader one day convinces him to rob a house in a wealthy neighbourhood, Dennis discovers his limits
    Sjanger: FiksjonLengde: 9 min.Produksjon: Station NextProduksjonsår: 2018Land: DenmarkSpråk: Danish
    Director: Mehmet Ali AvciManusforfatter: Mehmet Ali AvciKlipper: Louis JablonskiFotograf: Laura Hadsund Baarstrøm