After Spring Festival, Xiao Zhao, who is a nursing worker in town, asks for leave for 7 days for going back home in countryside. He plans to prepare for funeral arrangement for his dying father. Xiao Zhao has only 7 days for completing his filial duty, while his father seems to recognize his deadline……

Xiao Zhao, coming back town to work, who has been taken care of Mr. Qian, a plant man, for 18 years. Xiao Qian, Mr. Qian’s grandson, is the single child of his family, who is struggle between the music and the reality. Mr. Qian is a veteran cadre, well compensated. He also seems to recognize he could not die, for his life tying the lives of his descendants……

    Sjanger: FiksjonAldersgrense: Tillatt for alleProduksjon: LuXun Academy of fine Arts Produksjonsår: 2017Språk: Chinese
    Director: Li Tie