Amandusfestivalen #36
29. - 1. Apr 2023

The Drowning Goat

Nominert film (2021) Amandus STUDENT
  • Stikkord
  • Luca arrives by plane to visit his dad and his new family in Sweden. Luca is eager to make a good impression and to be accommodating, but the visit does not go as planned and a stressed incident releases the underlying tensions. Graduation film from HDK-Valand, Gothenburg. Produced by HDK-Valand in co-production with Film i Väst with support from ABF Göteborg.
      Sjanger: FiksjonLengde: 27 min.Produksjonsår: 2020Land: Sweden
      Director: Sebastian Johansson MicciProdusent: Erik SundbladManusforfatter: Sebastian Johansson MicciFotograf: Jonathan Bjerstedt Produksjonsdesign: Emma Pål Brunzell & Oscar Häggström