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The feeling of stop motion animation

Vi har i nyere tid fått en ny trend innen stop-motion animasjon i Norge. Med filmer fra Flåklypa-serien og den nylige utgitte Dyrene i hakkebakkeskogen (2016) kan vi se at vi har en lysende fremtid innen animasjon, men noe hjelp har vi fått fra utlandet. Vi snakket med den spanske animasjonsguruen Alvaro Alonso Lomba ved norske Qvisten animasjon om hvordan det er å jobbe innen dette feltet, hva slags inspirasjoner han har og hva som trigger han videre.

How did you get into animation?


When you were young, did you have a favorite animation movie?


We in Norway have Ivo Caprino as a national treasure, with movies like Flåklypa, Karius og Baktus, Tinnsoldaten and more. Did he have any influence on you? Or did you have another inspiration in animation?


What do you do in a typical day as an VFX- animator?


What advice would you give to an inspiring student in animation?


You have worked with many projects in many other countries. What kind of movie is it you are looking for to make you take the job?


Did you go to a school to learn animation, or are you mostly self-thought?

Is there any movie- project, or plans you have for the future to make?


In an interview we found on TU.no it was mentioned that in a good day an animator will make 3- 7 seconds of film. But with special difficulty in the scenes this could vary. So my question here is which movie you have worked on was the most demanding to make?


Back to the interview at TU.no you said you wanted people to think that what they see is real, and not computer animated. Do you feel that the stop- motion used in the movie industry has the same quality, and a place alongside computer animation?