33rd festival
01–04 April 2020
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  • Amandus UTTERANCE

    Democracy and freedom of speech in a modern media society.

    What is UTTEREENCE

    Amandus UTTERANCE is a project and a programme section that aims to take issues regarding media and society from a young perspective seriously.

    This year’s theme focuses on how democracy and freedom of speech is affected by our new media habits. The project will be visible both before, during and after the festival.

    NB: This page shows information about Amandus UTTERENCE 2019. Information about the project for 2020 will be announced later.

    Democracy and freedom of speech in a modern media society

    Our media consumption has been changing drastically over the last decades, and new challenges regarding media, freedom of speech, information exchange and democracy in the public sphere. We have gotten used to terms like fake news, troll fabrics and echo chambers. News are mostly consumed through social media, and there are little control of what is published, what is read and what is considered facts and truth.

    It is essential for both the media producers and consumers of tomorrow to gain a rich understanding of how medias are influencing our society and our daily lives, and what impact it can have for for both our big and small small decisions.

    How is our world portrayed through moving pictures today, via news, social media and various streaming services? How can the dissemination of fake news topple a great democracy? What can the film and media producers of tomorrow do to create a more stabile media reality that are supporting democratic principles instead of tearing them down?

    These are some of the questions that Amandus UTTERANCE will dive into in 2019.


    Screenplay competition

    The winner of the screenplay competition 2019, where the theme was fake news, was Thelma Utaker Bjerke. We congratulate!


    Do you want to contribute to the project? Do you want to write a text for our websites, have a film the relevant topic or have other tips for us?

    Please contact us post@amandusfestivalen.no

    The project

    Amandus UTTERANCE is a project that is supposed to be continued every year with a relevant topic regarding media and society from a young perspective. In relation to Lillehammer municipality’s newly gained status as a UNESCO City of Litterature, the project will also have to be attached to one or more of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

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