The Innovative Directing Academy workshops was a unique platform for cooperation of Polish and Norwegian filmmakers


The Polish Norwegian Film Festival Cooperation succeded in bringing Polish and Norwegian filmmakers together to learn and create new posibilities.

This article is written for an older edition of the festival, and may contain content that is no longer valid.

The Polish-Norwegian Film Festivals Cooperation is an initiative aimed at strengthening film ties between Poland and Norway, consisting of industry events, workshops and film reviews organized jointly in both countries. The aim of the project is to enable debuting filmmakers to establish Polish-Norwegian contacts and gain specialist knowledge in the field of international sales, promotion and distribution of films.

8. WAMA Film Festival. 08.10.2021 Olsztyn . Fot. Przemysław Skrzydło

Participants from Poland and Norway met in Olsztyn, where they spent almost a week attending workshops and lectures devoted to the subject of filmmaking in the realities of the modern market. The Polish-Norwegian project was a unique platform for getting knowledge about how to promote their film abroad.

“INNOVATIVE DIRECTING ACADEMY” was a series of lectures and workshops on the development of full-length feature film projects. As part of the course, participants gained knowledge about such issues as: script development, the development of a feature film, the specificity of the European film market, the possibility of establishing transnational co-production cooperation and planning promotional and distribution strategies. Young filmmakers were able present their own film projects during pitchings.


8. WAMA Film Festival. 08.10.2021 Olsztyn . Fot. Przemysław Skrzydło

The pitching part was led by the program director of the FILMFORUM Association and film critic Błażej Hrapkowicz.


Project “Cooperation of Polish-Norwegian film festivals” co-financing with the support of the financial mechanism for the economy (EEA FM) 2014 2021 and from state funds.

The organizer of the project was the KOSMOPOLIS Institute, Foundation for Science, Culture and Education.

The partner organizations were: Stiftelsen Amandusfestivalen and the FILMFORUM Association.

Partner festivals, participation in the project at: AMANDUS BLIKKFANG Lillehammer International Student Film Festival and WAMA Film Festival in Olsztyn.