Amandus for film students

In 2017, the Amandus festival also became a student film festival. This means that we expanded our target groups from just being a festival for youth under the age of 20, to also include students in higher education. The Amandus Festival aims to be the biggest and most important meeting place for Nordic educational film institutions.

In 2021 the festival will be split into two main parts. The festival for filmmakers under 20 will be held in Lillehammer in March, while the film students and independent filmmakers under 26 will have their own festival in the autumn. Read more about the festivals here.

Film Competition

Our student film competition is the biggest of its kind in Norway and one of the biggest in the Nordic countries. The competition is Amanda qualifying. The competition is open for anyone who make films at an educational institution in the Nordics and where the filmmakers mainly are over the age of 20. Film submissions are not restricted to graduation films, but has to be made during and in relation to the school.

The goal of the competition is to show the wide specter of film education the Nordic countries has to offer. We hope that having an inclusive student film competition will help strengthening film education through the countries.

All submitted films will be reviewed by a preselection committee, which will pick out the final contributions that are invited to the festival.

If you represent an educational institution, and you have students that make film, we hope you will help us having the films submitted to the Amandus festival.

Many students submit their films by themselves, but every year we also miss some great films that are never submitted. We hope to see your school represented in this category, and therefore need your help to get all the great films submitted.

The submission form is primarily made for the filmmakers to submit their own films, but if you as a representative want to submit a larger amount of films, you can contact us to get an easier way of submitting the films.

Film students making valuable connections.

Festival and program

Amandus is not just a competition, but also festival that offers a great program filled with exciting seminars, interesting workshops and a wide range of film screenings. The Amandus festival is an inspiring arena for the filmmakers of tomorrow.

The program will consist of a program section especially aimed at film students, that will complement the content that is being taught at film schools. We believe that taking the trip to Amandus is a valuable use of time.

More information about the festival and its content will be announced later.

Satoe Yoshinari won for best sound, with the animation film Somewhere Soft in 2019. The film was made at Volda University College.