• Competitions

    Amandus isn’t just a festival: It’s also an important competition!

    On this page you will find information about the international competitions at Amandus – Lillehammer International Student Film Festival. The page will be updated with more information gradually.

    The two other film competitions, Amandus JUNIOR and Amandus YOUTH, are only open for Norwegian contributions, therefore their information and submission form can be found on the Norwegian part of the website.

    Screenplay Competition

    As of the announcement of Amandus UTTERANCE, the festival has launched a new competition. This is a screenplay and pitching competition focused on projects with gender equality in the center.

    The competition is open for all under the age of 26, but as the preparation workshop during the festival related to the competition will mostly be held in Norwegian, you do need to understand the language in some degree.

    More information about the competition can be found at the Norwegian part of the site here.

    The deadline for the competition is March 8th.

    Trouble with submission form?

    For various reasons, the submission form could have technical issues, the server traffic is too high for it to function properly, or there are other reasons for you not being able to use the form. In that case you can download this PDF form, which can be filled digitally (most common PDF-readers, like Adobe Acrobat and Preview on Mac, will be able to read and fill the document). Any additional files can be sent by mail together with the form.

    Please send the document to film@amandusfestivalen.no.

    *Note that this form should only be used for special situations. All information sent outside the ordinary webform, requires extra work for the festival to handle.