The Official Selection for Amandus Blikkfang 2023


We are proud to present the most extensive competition program for Amandus Blikkfang ever! A total of 37 Nordic films are nominated for this year's film competition, and we look forward to showcasing a very broad and varied program in Lillehammer.

It hasn’t been a small task to review and select this year’s films for Amandus Blikkfang. With a record-high number of entries, and so many excellent films submitted, it’s been a challenging job to come to the final selection. We have stretched the screening slots as far as possible to squeeze in even more films, but ultimately, there’s a limit to how many can fit.

Therefore, the competition has been sky-high, and there are also good films that unfortunately couldn’t be included this year.

This year, we have 15 Nordic films (from other countries than Norway), and all Nordic countries are represented. It’s also exciting to see that this year there is actually a majority of female directors on the films (22 women and 19 men).

This year’s selection committee consisted of Mone Frogg Christiansen, Frøydis Fossli Moe, Øystein Egge, and Eivind M. Nordengen.

And here are the nominees:

Click on the individual films below to read more, or explore the films on the “film wall” here.

  • ALMOST 18 directed by Kaja Sølverød (Norway)
  • Bad Service directed by Annika Schiøth (Norway)
  • Bestie directed by EliSophie Andrée (Sweden)
  • Boys directed by André Vaara (HDK Valand, Sweden)
  • Cease directed by Sondre Masvie (Norway)
  • Clean Slate directed by Johanne Kristine Udnes Hansen (Oslo Fotokunstskole, Norway)
  • Digital Legacy directed by Maria Gudjohnsen (Icelandic School of Visual Arts, Iceland)
  • Domesticated directed by Oskar Hegge (Westerdals, Norway)
  • Entry Level directed by Nicolai Lund (NTNU, Norway)
  • Extra directed by Signe Rosenlund-Hauglid, (HDK Valand, Sweden)
  • FOOD directed by Gabriel Goujon (Fagskolen Kristiania, Norway)
  • Fags Talking directed by Jack Solemdal Lowe, Hanna Persson (Norway)
  • Feed the Dog directed by Lasse Gottlieb (Danish School of Media and Journalism, Denmark)
  • Fleur directed by Jon Olav S. Gulbrandsen, Michael Schult Ulriksen (Norway)
  • How Can I Explain To You What I Am Trying To Explain To You? directed by Lise Cathrine Røv (UiT - Norges arktiske universitet, Norway)
  • Katabasis directed by Nicole Di Fresco (The Animation Workshop, Denmark)
  • Look! directed by Magnus Lysbakken (Norway)
  • Love in a loveless time directed by Veronica Nielsen (Skorups Folkhögskola, Sweden)
  • Mirror directed by Mari Lie Mikkelsen, Zengru Huang, Jens–Olav Ørpen Hausken (Høgskolen i Innlandet, Norway, China)
  • Offerlamm directed by Tova Persson (University of the West of England, Sweden)
  • Our Nest directed by Ola Kvamsdal (Norway)
  • STUDIO directed by Marte Hognestad (Høgskolen i Innlandet, Norway)
  • THE SHIFT directed by Amalie Maria Nielsen (18 Frames, Denmark)
  • The Bitter Desert directed by Kyrre Walle Alstadhaug, Nicolai Wølner Voss, Jarle Bjarnesson Styve (Høgskolen i Volda, Norway)
  • The Bounce directed by Alma Holtvedt (Norway)
  • The Devil lives in Torshälla directed by Hannah Murphy (Nordiska Folkhögskolan, Sweden)
  • The Harbourmaster directed by Mia Ludvigsen Henriksen, Konrad Hjemli (Høgskolen i Volda, Norway)
  • The Last String directed by Jonatan David Maiwald (Norway)
  • The Yellow Line directed by Emily Nerland (Norway)
  • The best video we have ever made directed by Anton Lipasti (Finland)
  • Three Handfuls of Earth directed by Julius Lagoutte Larsen (Denmark)
  • Up To Snuff directed by Arjun Acharya (Nordland kunst- og filmfagskole, Norway)
  • Violence directed by Emil Engesnes Bråthen (Norway)
  • Wall to wall directed by Linda Lövgren (Sweden)
  • What Makes Them Tick directed by Jimi Kujanpää (Finland)
  • What creeps out at night directed by Mirjam Sveinbjörg Thorkelsdottir (Norway)
  • What if directed by Nora Rios, Anton Clements (Sweden)

Congratulations! All filmmakers will be contacted with more information shortly.