33rd festival
01–04 April 2020
  • Norsk
  • Film submission is now open

    This article is written for an older edition of the festival, and may contain content that is no longer valid.

    Young film makers from all of the Nordic countries are invited to submit their student films to our competition.

    The submission deadline is January 21st.

    To be eligable for the Amandus STUDENT-competition, these criterias has to be met:

    • The film is a student film made within an educational institution. Note that it doesn’t have to be a film school – films made within other subjects are also welcome.
    • The film has to be made by students from the Nordic countries (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland, as well as associated regions like Greenland, Faroe Islands and Åland Islands)
    • The competition doesn’t have a limitation on duration, but we prefer films that don’t exceed 30 minutes.

    You can read more about the competition here.

    Note that you need a user account at this website to register a film. If you registered last year, your account will still be active.

    More competitions may also be announced during the fall.