Discover all the awards given at the festival

At Amandus Blikkfang, several awards are presented to the nominated films. The festival has a main jury responsible for most of the awards. Additionally, there are some special awards.

Jury’s Professional Awards

These awards highlight specific professional roles the jury wishes to honor. Typically, individual contributors from a film receive the award.

The regular awards are:

Jury’s Genre Awards

The jury also selects winners within the specific genres/categories:

Amanda Qualification

The jury also selects two films that get qualified for the Amanda Awards. These films must be Norwegian, so if there are no Norwegian films among the other winners, the jury chooses two films to qualify for Amanda.

Amandus has been an Amanda-qualifying festival since 2018, and therefore annually submits films from our festivals to the Amanda Award’s shortlist for the best short film. This is an exclusive list of just under 20 films selected by various festivals in Norway.

This is the list that the Amanda jury reviews and decides both the nominees and the winner from.

Other Awards

In addition to the main jury’s awards, we also have other special awards at the festival:

More awards may also be added over time.