The nominated films for Amandus STUDENT and OPEN

After watching a record amount of submitted student films, and a wide range of short films from all over the Nordics, we are finally ready to announce this year's nominated films in Amandus STUDENT and Amandus OPEN.

This article is written for an older edition of the festival, and may contain content that is no longer valid.

Image: winner of best student film 2018.

Last week we announced the nominated films for the Norwegian categories Amandus JUNIOR (below 16 years old) and Amandus YOUTH (between 16-20 years old).

Now we are happy to finally announce the nominated films for our two Nordic competitions Amandus STUDENT and Amandus OPEN.


This year we have received nearly 160 student films, which is a new record! Among the 26 selected films, there are a wide range of educational institutions represented, and we see many films on the list from other schools than the big, national institutions.

The nominated films are:

Amandus OPEN

For the second edition of Amandus OPEN, we have also strengthened the Nordic and Scandinavian focus, with 13 great films.

  • Blue directed by Ingrid Marie Røine (Norway)
  • Creaker directed by Vidar Tevasvold Aune (Norway)
  • Echo directed by Signe Bruun Bugge (Denmark)
  • From our laundry directed by Albin Abrahamsson, Jakob Eliasson (Sweden)
  • In our world directed by Erica Hallengren, Julia Henning (Sweden)
  • Lina is ugly. directed by Carl-Oscar Sarfati (Sweden)
  • MAN MADE directed by Frøydis Fossli Moe (Norway)
  • Not all men directed by Olivia Schubert (Sweden)
  • Responsibility directed by Mehmet Ali Avci (Denmark)
  • Sacred Place directed by Marlene Emilie Lyngstad (Norway)
  • Slowdance directed by Christian Zetterberg (Sweden)
  • Sound of Silence directed by Nellie Lexfors (Sweden)
  • The Henhouse directed by Lasse Hvidtfeldt (Denmark)

This year’s selection committee consisted of:

Ida Madsen Hestman (journalist), Øystein Egge (festival director Movies on War), Karoline Hovsengen (Lillehammer Film Society), Aksel Holm Jensen (film scholar), Susanne Fjeldbu (bachelor student in film- and television science), Natasha Arthur (filmmaker Danvik folkehøgskole) og Eivind Myklebost Nordengen (program director Amandus – Lillehammer International Student Film Festival)

All nominated filmmakers will be contacted by our coordinators shortly.