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April 2022
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I am not there

Nominert film (2019) Amandus STUDENT
  • I AM NOT THERE” is an award-winning Swedish short documentary film about a 20 years old refugee girl who decided to continue going forward on the life that she didn’t choose. A documentary is about destiny, life, education, dreams, family, friendship, despair and hope, anger and love.
      Sjanger: DokumentarfilmLengde: 14 min.Aldersgrense: Tillatt for alleProduksjonsår: 2018Land: SwedenSpråk: Swedish with english subtitles
      Director: Lama AlshehabyProdusent: Lama Alshehaby & Emilia MyrupKlipper: Sanne ÖbergFotograf: Lama Alshehaby & Sanne Öberg & Emilia MyrupMusikk: Linn ÖbergAnnet: Animation ,
      Emilia Myrup
      Annet: Animation ,
      Emilia Myrup