Amandus OPEN and Runner-ups

This article is written for an older edition of the festival, and may contain content that is no longer valid.

Here are the last Amandus films of the year. Together with the previously announced Amandus JUNIOR, YOUTH and STUDENT films, the festival will screen 101 short films made by young filmmakers, submitted to our competitions.

Amandus OPEN

Amandus OPEN is the festival’s newest category, where young filmmakers from all over the world are invited to send in their films. The only criteria is that the films has to be made by unestablished filmmakers under the age of 26. We are proud to present a very exciting list of 14 films, from seven different countries.

*Förebilder was automaticly nominated after winning the Amandus Price during the November festival in Sweden last fall.


This year we will also screen a number of films in the category called Runner-ups. These are films that are not competing in any competition, but is screened at the cinema during the festival. The 27 films in the category consists of films submitted in the other categories.

  • Amygdala by Jakob Skrede Langedal (Elvebakken videregående skole, Oslo)
  • Destinasjon by , , , , , , , , , , (Danvik Folkehøgskole, Buskerud)
  • Emma by Oskar Haug (Norway)
  • En jernvaremann by Gea Eggen (Charlottenlund videregående skole, Trøndelag)
  • Farvel by Andreas Hovde (Danvik Folkehøgskole, Buskerud)
  • Feel Good med Ousu Leigh og Iris Engeness by Gelila Lusie Kransvik (Elvebakken videregående skole, Oslo)
  • Gap Year by Kristine Sæthre (Danvik Folkehøgkole, Buskerud)
  • Hjertebank (Westerdals Høyskolen Kristiania, Norway)
  • Husker du? by Marte Kilde Mosnes, Josefine Xixin Falsen, Mina Espolin Johnson (Elvebakken videregående skole, Oslo)
  • Hva nå? by Ingrid Westvik Kristoffersen (Sandefjord folkehøyskole, Vestfold)
  • It stays in the family by Julie Birkeskov (Denmark)
  • Lego Taxi Driver by Jon Mika Nystad Eskonsipo (Troms)
  • Man's Best Friend by Anton Lipasti (Turku University of Applied Sciences, Finland)
  • Møtet med Veggen by Leon Vikanes (Rosenvilde videregående skole, Akershus)
  • NAMI NAMI feat. DRAKE by Juho Luukkainen (ELO Film School Finland, Finland)
  • Overraskelsen by Marcus Pedersen (Nannestad videregående skole, Akershus)
  • Phantom Pain by Martin Kopperud (Norway)
  • Plunger by Lauri Ketonen, Konsta Verta (ELO Film School Finland, Finland)
  • Poolboy by Margareta Orkan (Norway)
  • Simen Steinklev – Noe å kjøre bil til by Johannes Laukvik Nannestad (Aust-Agder)
  • Stillstand by Matias Straume Mørland (Elvebakken videregående skole, Oslo)
  • TOKYO by Tonje Tapio, Remi Semsøy Skovereng, Lene Marie Hegge (Solborg folkehøgskole, Rogaland)
  • The Break by Magnus Hisdal (født i 1974) (Universitetet i Bergen, Norway)
  • The Note by Tiril Myhre Skår (Universitetet i Agder, Norway)


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