33rd festival
01–04 April 2020
  • Norsk
  • Film submission Amandus OPEN

    Amandus OPEN is open for submissions from all unprofessional filmmakers under the age of 26 from the Nordic region.

    Young film fra all over the Nordics

    The Amandus OPEN competition is open for film submissions from the Nordic countries, meaning Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland and associated regions (like Faroe Islands, Åland etc). This means that filmmakers under the age of 20 and filmmakers not participating as students in the student film category Films associated with an higher educational institution by filmmakers over the age of 20, should be submitted to Amandus STUDENT. Films made in Norway by filmmakers under 20 can be submitted to Amandus JUNIOR and Amandus UNG.

    26 and younger

    The competition is only open for filmmakers younger than 26 years old. The overwhelming majority of the production team has to be under the age of 26. The competition aims towards unprofessional filmmakers. If an entry is clearly made by professionals, the entry can be withdrawn from the competition.

    Max 20 minutes

    The film has to be limited to 20 minutes in duration.

    Use of copyright protected music in films

    When you submit a film to the competition, all the rights for use of copyrighted material has to be in order. If you use a music track that you don’t own yourself, you need to have this clarified with the artist or the producer.

    NCB is the Nordic company that is administrating the rights for the use of music tracks. See their website for more information.

    We encourage every film maker to use royalty free music, or, even better, originally composed music.

    What do you need for the film submission?

    Before you proceed to the submission form, please have this information ready:

    • General information about the film (title, duration, language, production year)
    • A film description that can be used in the catalog. Try to make a nice and short description of the film that makes the readers want to see it. The text cannot exceed 1000 characters.
    • Cast and crew
    • A screener of the film
    • Any promotional material that is available (image/poster, social media profiles, website etc.). This is optional and can also be sent at a later time.

    The screener

    There’s no point of submitting a film if we aren’t able to see it. The easiest way to submit a screener is to use a streaming service like YouTube or Vimeo. On YouTube you can choose to make the film unlisted when you upload it, so only the ones with the URL link gets access to the film. With Vimeo you can also password protect the video. Remember to give us the correct password so we are able to get in. Note that Vimeo has a maximum limit of 500 MB on the free version. To upload bigger files, you need a payed version. Remember that this is only meant as a screener for the selection committee to see in beforehand. The film doesn’t need to have maximum resolution or the best quality for this purpose (but if the film is admitted to the festival, we would like a copy with maximum quality). You can also use other services to send the file, like Dropbox, Google Drive, WeTransfer or Filemail. We would then prefer that the file size doesn’t exceed 1 GB.

    Submit your film here

    Submission deadline January 10th


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