Curiosity Killed The Hat

It pays to pay attention. Unlike our esteemed fellow who has managed to thrifle up on his 25th day! Can he manage to find salvation for his crumbling relationship, or will everything be lost? Romance, myysteryy and wacky adventures ensue in: "Curiosity Killed The Hat"!
    Genre: FictionDuration: 5 min.Production year: 2021Production: SkoleproduksjonCounty: Viken
    Director: Eskil Fossum,
    Miku Prasertchat
    Producer: Eskil Fossum,
    Miku Prasertchat
    Writer: Eskil FossumEditor: Eskil FossumCinematographer: Eskil Fossum,
    Miku Prasertchat
    Sound: Eskil FossumMusic: Caro MioCast: Ole Johannes Dyrvik Stensby (Henrick Herman / Ektemann),
    Eskil Fossum (Winterra Mensa / Skikkelse),
    Eskil Fossum (TomTom / Selger),
    Percy Rós Kristinardóttir (Ida Andrea / Hustru)