Amandusfestivalen #36
29. - 1. Apr 2023

My Face and Me

Nominert film (2020) Amandus STUDENT
  • 'My Face and Me' follows four people of different ages who use different facial prostheses due to disfigurement of the face. The short documentary takes us behind a facade to investigate themes of identity and tackle the question of normalcy. It focuses on the particular relationship each character has with their facial prosthesis and pays close attention to their thoughts and feelings. Thus, the film depicts some of the characters most vulnerable sides, exploring what it feels like to have an external object become a part of you.
      Sjanger: DokumentarfilmLengde: 12 min.Aldersgrense: 9 årProduksjonsår: 2018Land: DenmarkSpråk: Dansk
      Director: Maria WegenerProdusent: Ane Vennize Andersen,
      Johannes Toft
      Klipper: Casper Bjerregaard VechtFotograf: Anna W. Fleischer,
      William Bensimon
      Lyd: Emil Jensen