Amandusfestivalen #36
29. - 1. Apr 2023


Nominert film (2020) Amandus STUDENT
  • This documentary takes us into the mind of a suicide-survivor. Why did he make the attempt? What were his thoughts before, during and after the attempt? And what is his outlook on the future? We seek to tear down the taboo revolving men's mental health, and start a discussion around subjects like depression and suicide among men.
      Sjanger: DokumentarfilmLengde: 7.5 min.Aldersgrense: Tillatt for alleProduksjonsår: 2019Land: NorwaySpråk: Norsk
      Director: Alexander A. SætherhaugProdusent: Nicholas Kalekezi NissenKlipper: Thomas LarssonFotograf: Fredrik KarlssonAnnet: Lysmester - Peder Sævarang