Amandusfestivalen #36
29. - 1. Apr 2023

Walls of Concrete

Nominert film (2020) Amandus STUDENT
"Walls of Concrete” is a story of love and loneliness, and follows private investigator Jørgen, who after many years of investigating fraud and infidelity has grown tired of the world. He lives a lonely existence and has no real human connections. One day he meets his new neighbor Nadine, who might be many years his junior, but who he finds great chemistry with. They strike up a relationship, but Jørgen’s many years alone makes it hard for him to truly connect, and their relationship is soon challenged by this.
    Sjanger: FiksjonLengde: 29 min.Aldersgrense: 9 årProduksjonsår: 2019Land: DenmarkSpråk: Danish
    Director: Nicolai G.H. JohansenProdusent: Asbjørn Høgstad KelstrupManusforfatter: Nicolai G.H. JohansenKlipper: Yifan ZhouFotograf: Sebastian BjerregaardLyd: Emil WoxenProduksjonsdesign: Thilde Ammitzbøll,
    Veronika Maria Bach
    Skuespillere: Rudi Køhnke (Jørgen),
    Amanda Radeljak (Nadine),
    Niels Dampe (Kasper)